ABS Agents provide a key touchpoint service for our clients. Their professional interactions serve as the liaison for our clients while cultivating a positive customer experience.

  • Agent Assisted Inbound/Outbound Multi-Channel Communication
  • QA Management Program
  • 1st Party Accounts Receivable Management (ARM) Solutions

Value Pricing

The ABS Solution is a low cost service that will relieve the pressure of internal task administration. When choosing to outsource call center services, ABS is where value meets customer care.

  • Reduces office overhead expenses
  • Returns capital quickly
  • Increases office efficiency

High Quality Technology

ABS has the systems and technology in place to efficiently service all customer accounts. We are capable and competent in handling all types of interfaces.

  • Maintenance of all evidentiary records of servicing
  • Advanced telephony systems with full call recording capabilities
  • Servicing accounts utilizing the client’s loan servicing platform

Positive Experience

All Agents are highly trained professionals that take pride in customer care. Our company places the utmost value on ethical behavior and rewards hard work.

  • Agents handle all calls with integrity and respect
  • Protecting the client brand and customer experience
  • Services meet industry standards in compliance with all applicable laws

A courteous customer experience is the core of our strategy.

Personalized Service

The ABS Team is a dedicated group of professionals that will work to provide each client with personalized care.

  • Customized strategy to provide the desired coverage and service expectations
  • Highly trained and fully dedicated agents
  • Agents are trained to identify client opportunities and seek innovative solutions

What we


ABS is the industry forerunner in providing 1st Party Services to the highest performance expectations.

  • Great efforts to recover all amounts that are due and payable to our clients
  • High quality assurance standards are met throughout the servicing process
  • Payment arrangements facilitated and monitored to resolve accounts quickly and completely